RU Free Speech protest May 1

To protest Radford University policies restricting freedom of speech on campus, students and faculty rallied outside the Hurlburt student on May 1, 2013.

With the Faculty Senate, the Council of Deans and the Student Government Association all demanding reform of RU’s archaic prior restraint policies, and legal analysis showing clear faults in the policies, the RU administration has consistently shown bad faith in refusing to discuss issues.

The highlight of the protest was the signing of a large poster by dozens of students (right in the first photo) and an attempt by Prof. Kovarik to hand a flyer to Ken Bonk, the administrator who is in charge of enforcing anti-free speech policies at RU. Not only did Bonk refuse to accept the flyer, but he fled rapidly into the building while shouting something about errors in the flyer that he refused to discuss.


The crew of the May 1 protest (photo by Prof. Martin, who was also present).






Ken Bonk flees from Prof. Kovarik, who is attempting to hand him a flyer about Free Speech rights on campus, during the May 1 protest.