The Book

Illustrations:  Needed for every chapter and several in some chapters.  One place to start photo research is the digital imaging class stock photo site.    / Adrienne Keith,  Monica McAfee, Rebecca Willets, Lance Thomas, Danie Curtis-Williams, Robert Worley, Ben Brummel,


Main Text

1. Purpose of the book   / Devin Moeller, Ben Brightman   

  • Changing nature of Higher Education  (violence on campus, MOOCs)
  • Need for firm foundation

2. History of the university  / Matthew Halberg,  Drew Bedford, Lydia Jones

  • Academic freedom at the heart of the university concept
  • Academic freedom and the Enlightenment doctrine of Natural Rights

3. History of free speech in the university  / Matthew Halberg,  Drew Bedford, Lydia Jones

  • In Europe
  • In the US

4. Current controversies in the university / Brielle Warner, Luke Kohart, Chad Guevremont, Andrew Christy, Zach McCarty, Cheve Tolbert, Kevin Staats

  •  Aggregates to the blog

5. Legal dimensions of Higher Education and the First Amendment  (Legal group)

  • 6. Religion and the university   /   Matthew Reppert
    • Establishment, free exercise cases (eg Rosenberger, 1995) 
  • 7. Speech / anonymous, symbolic /

    • digital  (Facebook restrictions on athletes?)
    • forum analysis for free speech
  • 8. Press – Student Press Law Center
  • 9. Assembly – Free speech zones (WVa case)

10. Other legal challenges

  • FOIA and student discipline records
  • Student Privacy

11. Improving the free flow of communication in the university system

  • Democracy wall, designs for bulletin boards, using independent information systems, avoiding bottlenecks
  • Creative ideas for online debates

12.  Conclusion


Suggestions for moot court

Case list

Bibliography / Law reviews


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