Stances from some Greek Life members

“Yes I think so because whenever I go to any other schools there letters are placed outside and I think it’s cool you get to see which house is what. I wish ours were like that” –Member of Phi Sigma Sigma

“If the greek organization owned the house then yes but for insurance purposes of us renting our houses no” –Member of Pi Lambda Phi

“Yes! Because it” makes it easier to identify which houses are sorority and fraternity houses, it gives us a reason to make sure our houses look nice and represent our organizations. Almost every other school has greek letters on their houses! – Member of Phi Sigma Sigma

“Yes, for recruiting purposes, I didn’t know where Theta Chi was. Its hard for familiar yourself when your trying to rush if you don’t know where the house is and it shows pride.” – Member of Theta Chi

5 thoughts on “Debate

  1. Oh boo hoo you can't put your silly group' symbols out. This isn't some huge human rights violation. Grow up, and think about the real issues in the world.

  2. I agree that this is total violation of freedom of expression. People should be able the put whatever kinds of signs up that they want to.

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