working groups

Student forum groups for April 17th / 18th   

1. Outreach group — Overview /   Issues

2.  Illustrating free speech issues —  underlying theory

3. Communicating free speech issues thru new media

1. Upcoming events / facebook & twitter 


General research –  Matthew Halberg,  Drew Bedford, Lydia Jones

  • Links, campus speech organizations
  • Universities and freedom in history1.

Legal  — Matt Reppert, Matt Hallberg, Luke Staats

1.  Media / video  — Robert Worley, Monica McAfee, Adrienne Keith, Devin Moeller, Lance Thomas, Seth Testerman, Ben Broemmel

  • Videotape events, Free speech at Va universities
  •  Contacts:  Mark Shanley, City of Radford, town-gown committee, Greek life, Greek leaders
  • Search for stock image sources for book:

Web  — Brielle Warner, Luke Kohart, Chad Guevremont, Andrew Christy, Zach McCarty, Cheve Tolbert, Kevin Staats

Outreach  PR  / reporting

  • Ben Brightman (parliament);
  • Danie Curtis-Williams, Rebekah Willitts, ( Communication Committee)