Photography 1820s – 1880s

The first photograph by Joseph Niepce in 1826. This  experiment took 8 hours to expose on an asphalt plate. By the late 1830s, Niepce’s friend Louis Daguerre found a way to fix sharp images for portraits

Louis Daguerre announced his practical method for taking photos in 1839. He believed the discovery was so important that he put the patent in the public domain.

By 1854, photographers were out in the field. This is Crimean war photographer Roger Fenton’s rig being driven by his assistant, Sparling.

Matthew Brady’s photo of Abraham Lincoln, widely circulated before the 1860 election.

Two people stand over the bloody aftermath of the US Civil War battle of Antietam in September, 1862. Matthew Brady exhibited this photo and others only a few weeks later at his gallery, shocking New Yorkers.

Matthew Brady’s portrait studio, Broadway, New York, about 1850.

Matthew Brady, three Confederate prisoners.

Matthew Brady with Gen. Ambrose Burnside (reading paper).