German media figures

Axel Springer (1912 – 1985)

Axel Springer  — Newspaper publisher and founder of Axel Springer AG is known for Bild Zeitung, (Picture Newspaper),  a sensationalistic “red top” tabloid publication, and also  Die Welt (the World), the intellectual flagship of the company.  Bild is the largest circulation newspaper in Europe and the 6th largest in the world, according to the World Newspaper Association.  “For German politicians, (Bild is) a necessary evil. For German journalists, it’s mandatory daily reading. For the German desperate, it’s a daily dose of high-resolution soft porn. And for millions of Germans, it’s the primary source of news,” according to a 2006  Der Spiegel article. “Bild Zeitung, Germany’s answer to the British tabloids the Sun and the Daily Mirror, serves up tripe, trash, tits and, almost as an afterthought, a healthy dose of hard news seven days a week.”  Bild is more aggressive than most European newspapers, according to a 2015 Washington Post article.



Inga Arvad 








Rudolf Mosse (May 8, 1843 – September 8, 1920) organized one of the first modern advertising agencies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.






August Scherl








Bernard Wolff