Courses using Revolutions in Communication

Illinois State University, Normal, IL,  COM 218,  Communication, Technologies and Impacts 

Kadir Has University, Ankara, Turkey — Communication and Media, Fall 2015, Dr. Efe Sevin

London School of Economics & Political Science —  Interpersonal Mediated CommunicationDr Ellen Helsper, 2015/16

New Jersey Institute of Technology  —  Communication through the Ages, Dr Lisa Nocks, Spring 2014.

Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania, US — Mass Media in History, Fall, 2013

Queens College, City University of New York, New York,  US — Media Technologies, Juan Monroy, Spring 2017

Tezpur University, Assam, India — Evolution of Media,  Dr PJ Daimari, 2014

University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Economics, US — Reinventing the Media Economy (special topics course), Spring 2015

University of Iowa,  JMC 1200  — Media History and Culture 

University of Merced, California, US — Intersections of Creative and Professional  Writing, Current (2016)

Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia —  Creativity, Communication and the Digital Age, current (2016)



American University of Paris – Dr Ayhan Aytes, Spring 2014
Northwestern University — Dr Jasmine Nichols Cobb, Winter 2014.
University of Oregon —  Summer, 2012.
University of Western Ontario — Dr David Spencer
New York University — Prof. Mechthild Schmidt Feist