RU COMS 300 course calendar

First: Order the book Revolutions in Communciation   ($15 used, $25 – $35 new)

Next, get familiar with the syllabus and the schedule:

  • Weekly:   Read a chapter in Revolutions in Communication,  look at the slide show,  and then take the quiz. Also, get involved in History Active exercises (details in each weekly overview, below).
  • Monthly: Watch a film about people in the media and write a reaction about the film for the D2L drop box.
  • Semester:  Research an event or person in the history of communication, using contemporary resources in the newspaper / magazine database,  and then write a short overview or biography.

Click on the little + signs to open up instructions for the week.

First week -- Introduction to History

Second Week --The Printing Revolution - Section I intro and Chapter I

Third Week -- Chapter 2 The Industrial press

  • Read Chapter 2
  • Look at the slide shows
  • Take Chapter 2  quiz.
  • Respond to Chapter 2 discussion questions.
  • Dont forget to watch a movie on the Media Movies list.  Many of these are available in your library’s collection.

Fourth Week--Chapter 3 The modern press

  • Read Chapter 3
  • Look at the slide shows
  • Take Chapter 3 quiz.
  • History Active (TBA) 

Fifth Week -- Section II Imaging revolution and Ch 4 Photography

  • Read the introduction for Section II on imaging along with Chapter  4 about photography.
  • Look at the Section II slide shows 
  • Take quiz 4.
  • History Active (TBA) 

Sixth week -- Chapter 5 Cinema

  • Reach chapter 5 on Cinema
  • Look at the Section II slide shows 
  • Take Quiz 5
  • History Active (TBA)
  • This is a good moment to recommend one of the very best histories of cinema ever made: Mark Cousins’  The Story of Film, a 15 hour love letter to world cinema history. It’s very unlikely that this will be topped anytime soon. It’s just brilliant, and trust me, you will love it.   So when you watch one of your movies from the Films about Media section and write a short description / reaction in the D2L discussion  area, you might want to watch The Story of Film. Another good one is The Battle over Citizen Kane.

Seventh Week -- Chapter 6 Advertising

  • Reach chapter 6 on Advertising
  • Look at the Section II slide shows 
  • Take Quiz 6
  • History Active (TBA)
  • You might want to consider “Crazy People” as a film from this section. Very funny but lots of insight about advertising too.

Eighth week -- Mid Term

  • These are mostly questions you’ve already seen from the quizzes.
  • You can take the mid-term on D2L any time during the week, and into the second week of June.
  • You can only take the mid term once. You have two hours.

Ninth Week -- Section III Electronic revolution and Ch. 7 Telephone & telegraph

  • Read  Section III intro and Chapter 7  (Telephone, telegraph, wire services)
  • Look at the Section III slide shows 
  • Take the quiz for Ch 7
  • History Active (TBA) 

Tenth Week -- Chapter 8 Radio history

  • Read Chapter 8
  • Look at the Section III slide shows 
  • Take the quiz for Ch 8
  • History Active (TBA)
  • Recommended movies: Radio Days (Woody Allen);  Winchell (not great but a slice of the times).

Eleventh Week -- Chapter 9 television

  • Read Chapter 9
  • Look at the Section III slide shows 
  • Take the quiz for Ch 9
  • History Active (TBA)
  • Recommended movies: Network, Up Close and Personal 

Twelfth week -- Section IV -- The Digital Revolution and Ch. 10 Computers

  • Read Chapter 10
  • Look at the Section IV and Ch 10 slide shows 
  • Take the quiz for Ch 10
  • History Active (TBA)
  • Recommended movies: Triumph of the Nerds (Parts 1, 2 and 3);  Silicon Pirates; bio-pix of Steve Jobs or Bill Gates

Thirteenth Week -- Chapter 11 Networks

  • Read Chapter 11
  • Look at the Ch 11 slide show 
  • Take the quiz for Ch 11
  • History Active (TBA)
  • Recommended: Triumph of the Nerds (Parts  4, 5, and 6)

Fourteenth Week -- Chapter 12 Global Culture

  • Read Chapter 12
  • Look at the Ch 12 slide show
  • Take the quiz for Ch 12
  • History Active (TBA)
  • Im looking for recommendations about movies from Bollywood or Nollywood that tell stories about global culture.


Semester research project due

  • Research memo on media history — It’s very very very important to read the instructions. This is not at all like any other research paper you have written. It’s not terribly complicated but it will involve searching through news archives and reporting on what you find.
  • Turn in the research memo in the Drop Box on D2L.