Public domain comm films

Films about advertising, journalism, public relations, television and other media businesses that are free to watch and share.

Television shows featuring newspapers 

Cisco Kid: The Newspaper Crusade    (1950)

The Trouble with Father (1950s) The School Newspaper 

Movies about newspapers    

His Girl Friday (1940) Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell. A must-see classic.

Documentaries about newspapers 

The Newspaper Story – Encyclopedia Brittanica (1950)  and the 1973 update;  and yet another 1973 newspaper production documentary

17 Days: The story of newspaper history in the making — NY Daily News (1945)  — How a New York City newspaper delivery drivers’ strike in 1945 failed to divert readers’ interest in their favorite newspapers. Shows the newspapers of the day and huge lines of people outside newspaper offices waiting to purchase updated editions.

Interview with Norfolk Journal and Guide publisher, 2015.