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Cover of the book. Click here for the  full cover with description and blurbs.

Revolutions in Communication is  all about  the printers, reporters, photographers, filmmakers, advertisers, PR practitioners, broadcasters, computer geeks, and all manner of rebels, thinkers and visionaries who were ahead of their times,  who led the times, and who created The Times.  This critically acclaimed survey of media history is now in a second edition. It   is the leading media history textbook and has been widely adopted in college classrooms from NYU to USC, from Western Ontario to Florida International. It is also being used in Europe and India.

Revolutions in Communication explores four major epochs of the mass media history through the technologies that characterized their development —   printing, imaging,  broadcasting and digital media.   The book surveys all major communications  disciplines,  including journalism, photography, cinema, advertising & public relations, radio, television, computing and networked media.

The book is available  through  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and directly from the publisher, Bloomsbury.

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