Wind engines

Wind engine and water tank, South Dakota

Water-pumping windmills from the American west are often called “wind engines” to distinguish them from the European windmills designed mostly to grind grain.

Some of the best information on wind engines includes:      

American wind power center and museum, Lubbock, Ill. — Hundreds of windmills of all kinds are kept here.

Batavia Illinois wind history — Batavia Illinois used to be called “windmill city” where Challenge, Batavia, US Wind and Appleton companies were centered.  The Challenge company, by the way, made the Daisy model windmill and, in order to promote it, manufactured the Daisy model toy BB gun.

List of wind engine manufacturers and models.

Paul Gipe’s history of wind power  — One of the better sites on wind history available on the web.  Gipe is the author of several outstanding books on wind power.

Field Guide to American Windmills by T. Lindsay Baker is available in part as a Google preview.

John H. Leinhard’s history of technology series has several programs on wind energy, including one on the sectional wind engine ;  an old English windmill;    and the windmill’s place in energy history.