Media History (300)

Spring 2014 – To be taught simultaneously at Radford and at University of Ljubljana.  

Textbook for Media History 300 This course is taught  as a for-credit course at Radford University. It has been taken for credit by students at Virginia Tech and other universities. The course is also the basis of a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC), under construction in 2014. And the course will be taught at the University of Ljubljana in the spring of 2014.

For assignments and reading, see the course page at Revolutions in Communication.  

Media history is unusually fun stuff — You will learn about people like you who are in the same predicaments as you. One example that comes to mind is Nelly Bly, who couldn’t get a job in 1887 but who, within two years, became the most famous American journalist. How did she do it? Ahhh… You’ll have to read all about it.

We’ll also see a few films about people and things you didn’t know you were going to like, and generally, get a better idea of where media comes from and where it is going.

A formal syllabus is posted the RU D2L site, but basically the course requires that you:

  1. Read and take 13 quizzes, a Mid Term and a Final in D2L
    • (50% of the grade – due in stages May – July)
  2. See three films about people in the media, fiction or non-fiction,  taken from this list.
    • Students in the for-credit class will turn in comments via D2L  (10% of the grade – due May – July)
  3. Answer one of the chapter discussion question for each chapter of the book.
    • Students in the for-credit class will turn in comments via D2L  (10% of the  grade – due along with quizzes May – July)
  4. Write a short memo on assigned or proposed research.  (This is a little different from past semesters).
    • (30% of the grade – due end of July).

GETTING STARTED — You can read the introductory material and Chapter 1 at the book’s web site.  But you will need to order the book. It’s pretty reasonable at $15 (used) or $25 (new) from Amazon.  It’s a lot cheaper than other media history textbooks with prices from $50 up to $120.

Contact: Prof. Bill Kovarik, Ph.D. email wkovarik @  or

bill dot kovarik at gmail dot com



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