Media Law & Ethics

Statue of Justice at the US Supreme Court

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What you will learn in this class:

  • How natural human rights to freedom of religion, speech, press and assembly are protected (or not) in the US and the world.
  • How the law protects you and your ability to act responsibly and ethically.  Avoiding harm is not enough. You want to respect and protect freedom and you need to rely on the law to help you.
  • How to avoid doing harm in your work. You will learn how to recognize and avoid defamation, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement and other legal pitfalls.
  • How to appreciate the strengths and flaws of media law, both in the US and internationally.

 Table of Contents 

  1. Current events in media law 
  2. Free speech in history 
  3. Prior restraint 
  4. Libel 
  5. Privacy 
  6. Media ethics 
  7. Copyright and IP 
  8. Free press / Fair trial  
  9. News gathering & FOIA  
  10. Obscenity &  indecency   
  11. Broadcasting law
  12. Advertising law
  13. First Amendment and higher education
  14. Global context of media law
  15. Moot court



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