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Steve Vetter on water & poverty Tuesday 2-3

Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 2:00 – 3:00 p.m., Hurlburt 248 (Combo Room), the Environmental Center will sponsor a talk by Mr. Stephen Vetter, Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow.  The focus will be on the environment (specifically water) as a factor in international development and poverty alleviation efforts.  Mr. Vetter will also address what you as a volunteer can do.  All are welcome.

Study abroad in Costa Rica meeting

There will another Info session for the study abroad in Costa Rica this Maymester:  PEAC 200 (3 credits in 3 weeks),  $4500 for in-state tuition (complete):

Friday, Feb. 17, at  5 PM,  in Hurlburt 210.

Occupy RU meeting

Occupy RU is holding its  first public event Friday Feb 17: State of the Nation: Videos and Discussion:   6-8 pm. Heth 014.  The club is showing three short videos.  Discussion after each.  Refreshments served.   All welcome.  The purpose is to increase awareness of justice and peace issues the country is dealing with right now.  These are the Videos for our event on Friday the 17th.

1. – Citizens UNited v. FEC; a short video detailing with the system this ruling has created.
2. – Crisis of Credit; 11 min video about the housing bubble, its collapse, and the processes involved.
3. – TYT U; A short news broadcast on the discussion of what Occupy has done for college students and their participation in activism.