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Media history

Revolutions in Communication is a critically acclaimed survey of media history now available through  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and directly from the publisher, Continuum International Press.  The book has topped the Amazon sales list for media history for two years and has now gone into a second printing.


The book is a social and technological history that explores four major epochs of the mass media through the technologies that characterized their development —   printing, imaging,  broadcasting and digital media.

The historical narrative in Revolutions in Communication centers around technological change — a common thread that unites global media history. This approach also provides an alternative to nationalistic and professionally oriented narratives that have guided media history in the past.

Revolutions in Communication  points out that communication technologies often change because an  older media does not speak in the voice of a newer generation. Innovators and  inventors then find ways to use new technology to circumvent the old barriers. Historians call this a social construction of technology.

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