Assignments (404-481)

Information assets:

What we’re working on:  

  1. Freedom of speech issues at RU and other universities
  2. New River environmental issues & water testing
  3. Civil lawsuit Radford University, Mountain Ridge Paranormal Research Society over old St. Albans building.  540-357-1930 /
    1a. Check other lawsuits against RU at courthouse record room.
  4. Authors in the region
  5. Skateboarders
  6. Reviving Radford’s movie theater
  7. Rural population in decline (See how the Oregonian handled this one)
  8. Tanning salons and cancer warnings. See this Jan. 22 story. The local tanning salon owners say  all this worry about cancer is exaggerated by scientists for their own interests. The scientists say tanning is deadly. Be sure to interview a public health or  dermatologist in the region. Never side with a source, never take just one point of view.
  9. Alternative Spring break —  Mountain Justice   interest meetings  Friday 2/8 @ 2:00 p.m. in the office for community engagement.
  10. Solar power and removal of state tax incentives; Local solar installer contact  Bryan Walsh  540-961-5120, Website: Also  state legislative coordinator Chelsea Harnish,, 804-644-0283
  11. Student  voting  – Contact: David E. Scheim, PhD, LWV-MC Publicity Chair,   Blacksburg,  540 320-8013 cell
    Elaine Head,, or Judy Snoke,, League of Women Voters
  12. Reviving downtowns Christiansburg:
  13. Hydro dam in Radford: How much electricity, at what cost?
  14. RU First Amendment controversy — See RU Speechless .
  15. Whipple Coal Company Store,  Appalachia and history. RU sources: Theresa Burriss
  16. Beekeeping in the NRV
  17. Restaurant Public Health Dept. inspection records and scores
  18. Coles Hill uranium mining in Virginia / the science and the politics
  19. RU student disciplinary panel actions
  20. RU SGA elections, budgets
  21. RU Faculty Senate issues
  22. RU History (this week in … )