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First week  goals: 
Key concepts & subject areas: Introduction to Constitutional law, court system, and current issues in higher education.  Also:

  1. Help structure class
    1. Read and understand the problem from articles on this web site
    2.  Read about “dual loop thinking”  (short article in the New York Times Jan. 20)
    3. Consider research / action for class
    4. Consider who to interview / invite to class
      1. What foundations and institutions are concerned about First Amendment and Higher Education?   Should we invite them to speak at RU?
      2. What RU groups are interested in this problem? Student media leaders?  Communications committee? Others.
    5. Should we consider a class excursion to UVa Democracy Wall or other nearby destination?  How could RU begin to plan for a “Democracy Wall” of its own?  How would it be most effective? Are there other examples of outdoor bulletin boards we could copy or get blueprints for?
  2. Announce class more widely
    1. Experiment with existing bulletin boards
    2. What other creative non-violent actions can be taken to illustrate the problem and propose solutions?
  3. Understand path to “deliverables”
    1.  “Communications audit” (unprecedented)
    2. PDF creative commons book
      1. What is the name of the authors group?
    3. Debates and/ or other creative non-violent action

Second week:
History of Higher Education, history of the First Amendment. Also:

  1. Welcoming intellectual diversity, confronting hate speech (non-violent communication)
  2. All students should have writable logins to RU Speechless, the external web site for the class
  3. All students should have chapter & research group assignments
  4. Finding links to, and comparisons with, other universities
    1. Students should have research and writing assignments
    2. Bulletin board open space comparisons / per student ?
    3.  How do faculty advertise new courses?

Third week:
Prior restraint in law and in education, including speech codes and censorship of student expression. Also: 

  1. Groups plan separately to place content on the RU Speechless web site.
  2. Understanding rhetorical techniques, How to conduct a debate (Students will be expected to plan and conduct a debate)
  3. Is marginalization of student media  a First Amendment issue?

4th  week: Student Media – prior restraint and advertising

  1. Alcohol advertising and the Virginia Tech case  / invite student media leaders to speak?

5th week:   Free speech zones and the public forum test

6th Week: Ethics, hate speech and compelled speech (U. Wisconsin v Southwood) and Religious speech (Rosenberger v U.Va.)

7th Week: Libel and the university

Spring Break 
9th Week:   Privacy law, including intentional infliction of emotional distress. Also:
  1. Researching legal issues (Students will be expected to brief cases)
  2. How to write a moot court brief
10th Week:   Academic freedom, climate change and the FOIA cases
11th Week:   Academic freedom and intellectual property, esp. Eldrid and SOPA cases
12th – 14th Weeks:  Open / Moot court
Additional issues